Information smuggling

Definition: (re)using redundant fields in an existing protocol stack beyond its initial intent in order to carry extra information so as to »


A cheat sheet for NAT types

full cone NAT = network traffic-initiated automatic port-forwarding managed by the kernel xx-restricted cone NAT = traffic-initiated automa »


《关于 TPROXY 工作原理的那件事》

TL;DR 在不改变数据包本身的情况下 tproxy 为满足规则的数据包直接分配了 bind 在本地的某个设置了 IP_TRANSPARENT 的 socket* (即把 skb->sk 设置为某个本地的 socket, 换句话说此时的 skb 还没有经过 3 层的路由就已 »